Hot Arctic's Adventures in Petrozavodsk

Adventures in Petrozavodsk

We arrived in Petrozavodk after two days in the train from Murmansk (which was very enjoyable by modern Russian train and the proper food preperation).

We were met at the train by the Russian families who scooped up the majority of the class. I remained. It's important to mention that because I'm American I had to stay in a hotel-- not with a host family. Otherwise the visa application would be "too difficult" but it didn't detract too much from my overall experience, I'll never know what I missed!

After the other students had dinner with their new families and I became acquainted with Russian Taxi Culture with Vegard, we went to visit our partner school (a school of the arts) and visited the journalism class. In this meeting, we sat at a long table in the back of the classroom after properly bagging our shoed feet. Our hoofed class partook in the traditional act of having tea, accompanied by traditional Russian snack and desert foods. Songs in Russian (with versus in Norwegian as an act of good faith) were sung and by the end of the evening all were satisfied and exhausted. The next few days proved to be equally valuable and physically taxing.

The next few days had factors that remained consistant; morning trips to coffee shops in the city to taste Karelian pastries and observe local, modern Russians, outdoor tours around the city to monuments, museums, memorials, and historic buildings.


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