Mats - Introduction

Presentation of myself – Mats

My name is Mats(Born in November 1997), I have spent all of my life in what we consider Eastern-Norway. From 1997-2013 I lived in the Winter-Olympics town of Lillehammer, and in 2013 I moved from the mountainous region of Gudbrandsdalen to the flat-landscaped county of Østfold. My interests are: Cooking(Certified cook), history, politics and culture.

Being an “amateur-historian” is never boring as there is always something to learn about in the different regions and countries of the world. Which is why I picked the brand new Hot-Arctic class/course on Pasvik-Folkehøgskole (And to meet new people of course). I realized that the Barents/Northern Regions of the planet is easily overlooked because of the current events of the world and it receives not that much attention from the bigger news-related media. But I believe that there will be more coverage of the area in the near future.

I hope I will gain greater knowledge about the surrounding countries and the people that reside in the Barents-region. And have a great and fun time with the class.


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