Aleksandra Shubina - Introduction

Hey, my name is Aleksandra. I was born in November 1999 in North part of Russia in Murmansk and lived there for 3 years. After that my family moved in other town. It called Polyarnye Zori, if we try to translate it in English it means “Polar lights”. Now I have two diplomas, one is about ending music school, other about ending art school. Also I played tennis for 9 years and basketball for 6. Now I’m 17 years old and I end high school in Russia. My hobbies are basketball, art (I prefer to draw landscapes), reading fantasy books. I can speak Russian, English, Swedish, French and a bit Norwegian.

When the last year of school comes in all of teachers, friends or family ask teenagers about future, I can’t answer anyone because I don’t actually know what I want to do in the future. I remember that few years ago I was in Pasvik Folkehogskole summer course and tried there to study Norwegian. I was really interested in idea to study abroad, and this idea was like a dream for me. I opened website and find line which was called Hot Arctic - Geopolitikk i nord –  and I became interested in it. This line is really interesting for me because I can travel a lot, talk about history, meet indigenous people, communicate with people from different countries, also on our line we can learn a lot about culture or natural resources and we can have talk on different topics, for example economics, politics or others and we can take part in some discussion.

Study in Norway is a big opportunity for my future. I want to continue studying in Norway that’s why I need to put all my strength in learning language. As well I want to find new friends and rise my skills of English.  


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