Wiviann Breibybråten - Introduction

Hi, my name is Wiviann Breibybråten, I am 19 years old and comes from Bærum in Norway.

I chose to go to Pasvik folkehøyskole because my sister went here last year and when I was visiting her I fell in love with the place (the nature and the school) so I decided to start here. When I was here, I learned about the different main courses I could choose from, and I develop an interest for Hot Arctic - Geopolitics in the north.

Before I visited here, I had no interest in politics. So why did I choose Hot Arctic - Geopolitics in the north? I chose this main course because as I heard more about Finnmark's history I got a interest for the area and wanted to learn more about Finnmark, the borders and the politics. So what if I don’t so much about this subject, I am here to learn and to experience new things.


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